LK Designs

Leetal has always been inspired by fashion and design. While studying graphic design in Philadelphia, Leetal decided to pursue a career as a web designer. But following a couple of years as a web and graphic design instructor, she realized that her dream of combining fashion with her design skills can be fulfilled by creating her own fashion jewelry. Starting from her work studio at home, Leetal has been able to turn LK into a true success story with designs sold around the globe.

5 Things You Need to Know:
  1. Guilty pleasure? shopping marathon
  2. The one fashion item I can't live without is... my Jimmy Choo black leather bag
  3. Ultimate celebrity dinner date, dead or alive? Princess Diana
  4. The one piece of jewelry I never take off is... my two tones super light LK earrings
  5. What's playing on repeat on your iPod? Maroon 5


The design of each new collection of LK is inspired by the latest global fashion trends, enabling LK to bring to market the most up to date, chic and trendiest fashion jewelry line.

Price Range: $20 - $300