Lena Skadegard

Lena Skadegard searches the globe for the unexpected, identifying new notions of beauty along the way. Her collections synthesize place, history and landscape while emphasizing raw materials that have become increasingly precious as natural resources diminish.

Lena’s jewelry reflects a painter's sense of color, texture and palettes, evoking landscapes and poetic vignettes.

5 Things You Need to Know:
  1. Guilty pleasure? real housewives - any city
  2. The one fashion item I can't live without is... my printed scarves
  3. Ultimate celebrity dinner date, dead or alive? Obama
  4. The one piece of jewelry I never take off is... my emerald pinky rings
  5. What's playing on repeat on your iPod? classical

I am always inspired by natural palettes. The fun begins with fusing the ancient with the modern and trying to marry beauty with dimension so that each piece is timeless and interesting.

Price Range: $60-$1500