Highly influenced by his mother’s artistic background, Shaesby’s collection was born after an early endeavor designing furniture and sculpture.

For Shaesby, jewelry design is a natural artistic process, making each piece a unique, wearable piece of art. Vibrantly colored Brazilian gemstones and highly expressive styles continue to influence Shaesby’s modern and feminine designs.

5 Things You Need to Know:
  1. Guilty pleasure? Oysters & White Burgundy
  2. The one fashion item I can’t live without is… Cowboy Boots
  3. Ultimate celebrity dinner date, dead or alive? Constantin Brancusi
  4. The one piece of jewelry I never take off is... Wedding band
  5. What's playing on repeat on your iPod? Bill Evans

The inspiration behind my jewelry is derived from sculpture and nature. I strive to design wearable pieces of art that go beyond seasonal trends and last a lifetime.

Price Range: $50-$5,700