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Jewelry designing became Suzanne’s passion after her first child was born. She made her dreams a reality in 1988 when her husband encouraged her to start their own company.

Suzanne’s background in design coupled with her love of beautiful jewelry led to the creation of a handcrafted collection that is feminine & romantic with a modern twist. She hand picks every gemstone with a keen eye for color, traveling the world to ensure each stone is uniquely cut to fit her collection.

5 Things You Need to Know:
  1. Guilty pleasure? Wine and cheese…. Every day if I could ☺
  2. The one fashion item I can’t live without is… Designer shoes!!
  3. Ultimate celebrity dinner date, dead or alive? George Clooney
  4. The one piece of jewelry I never take off is... my engagement ring
  5. What's playing on repeat on your iPod? Belle from Notre Dame De Paris


The 14k collection came about after the tremendous increase in gold and diamond prices. We wanted to make beautiful jewelry, at great affordable prices. Keeping our look and quality.

Price Range: $190 - $1,100