• Published: June 7, 2013 5:06pm
    And Janet Goldman, Founder and CEO of Fragments, could not have been lovelier...
    ...She has done so much for emerging jewelry artists and raising the profile of fine designer jewelry, it’s hard not to be awed in her presence.
    - Monica Stephenson,
  • Published: April 18, 2013 12:46pm
    If brick-and-mortar shopping's more your style... can find all these treasures in the same store: the brilliant, eclectic Soho-based Fragments, which always stocks the coolest accessories. Let the gem-ogling begin!
    - Alice Chen, Lucky Magazine
  • Published: November 30, 2012 5:39pm
    Gurhan and I discovered Fragments in the first few months...
    that the GURHAN line was introduced to the U.S. market. Janet Goldman and her dedicated team helped launch us into the wonderful world of jewelry and 15 years later we still regard Fragments as one of our most special and successful stores. We love keeping company with the eclectic and tastefully selected designers that Fragments represents. We love the fact that everyone who works at Fragments is passionate about jewelry and on the cutting-edge of fashion awareness. And we love their customers who are the epitome of high-chic and who know what to wear and where to buy it! It is very special to us to be part of this very special store.
    - Gurhan
  • Published: November 30, 2012 5:39pm
    For over 28 years...
    Fragments has debuted and groomed many of today’s top jewelry designers. Founders Janet Goldman and the late Jimmy Moore have guided talented artists with their directional vision and creativity. They’re legendary for defining fashion jewelry trends and are definitely the best source in the market if you’re looking for something new. I started my jewelry business with Fragments and they helped me to grow it into the success it is today.
    - Chan Luu
  • Published: November 30, 2012 5:38pm
    As CEO of Fragments, Janet Goldman has the defining eye...
    to identify the premier fine & fashion jewelry designers from around the world today. She has created her own brand with a partnership of international designers and diverse collections establishing Fragments as the pinnacle showroom in today's global market. I was a young designer in 1993 when Janet saw my potential and introduced me to Fragments. Soon after, Fragments started selling my line to an array of the best stores from around the world & I was featured editorially in the top fashion magazines. Due to Janet's influence, my collection has become a mainstay in the industry and has helped me to become the designer I am today.
    - Miguel Ases
  • Published: November 30, 2012 5:37pm
    Fragments is an indispensable resource...
    for InStyle's jewelry trend pages. The dazzling designers at the showroom and store are always perfectly on trend if not ahead of the curve. There is no other place like Fragments in the world!
    - Marion Fasel, InStyle
  • Published: November 30, 2012 5:35pm
    Janet has a knack for spotting jewelry talent...
    both new and established--that spans contemporary and fine categories.
    - Rachel Strugatz, WWD